How long will my order take to arrive?

Typically orders take 20 working days or less from the time of ordering until they arrive at your address.

I want to buy a gate but I need a specific size. How do I do this?

Our “Standard” size range increases in increments of 6 inches from 3’ High x 2’6” Width to 6’6” High x 4’ Width. If you need a specific size, then you should purchase the closest standard size rounded up to the size you require. You then fill in the purchase message box giving details of the actual size you require. ie if you require a gate to be 6’3“ x 3’4” you should purchase the 6’6” x 3’6” but we will make it 6’3“ x 3’4”.

Can I buy gate posts from you?

Yes. We provide posts which are shaped to fit your gate perfectly.

How do I measure up to order a gate and posts at the same time?

When ordering gates and posts we use something called a “Brick to Brick” measurement. This means you measure the TOTAL width of the gap you intend to fill with the gate and posts. Quite literally you measure from left to right and ignore any existing wooden posts. With this measurement we can make posts and gates to fit exactly.

Can I sink your gate posts into the ground?

No. Our posts are designed to fix to existing masonry such as bricks, concrete walls and pillars. If you are planning on sinking posts into the ground you will require tanalised posts which are obtained from specialist suppliers.

Do you provide hinges and other hardware for gates?

No. However we can give advice on what to buy. If you would like to have a chat with us about this please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

How do I protect my gate from the elements?

The Sun’s rays damage wood over time so it is imperative we protect our gates from this threat.

You have two choices to accomplish this: Paint or Natural finish protection. 

If you intend to paint the gate a opaque colour you must apply an “undercoat” to the wood first, then apply oil based exterior wood paint.

If you want a natural finish where you can see the grain of the wood, you must apply a product called “Osmo UV protection Oil” to your gate.