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Not just your average gate...

Winder Joinery employ Guild of Master Craftsman accredited joiners with over 50 years experience. We take great pride in building each gate by hand; delivering outstanding build quality and beauty down to the last detail.

Watch us making an "Arch Top Cottage" gate here: https://youtu.be/irGP8RFQMt0


  • The framing of the gates finishes 46.5mm x 95mm  and is made from joinery grade, sustainably sourced FSC Scandinavian Redwood Pine Softwood.

  • All Gates are glued using Waterproof wood glue.

  • The gates are framed, ledged and braced where necessary and the bracing finishes 28mm x 95mm.

  • Our frame joints employ “ Through mortise and tenon joints” which are glued and wedged for extra strength and durability.

  • The spindles are stub tenoned and glued into the top and middle rails.

  •  Clad with heavy duty custom made 18mm x 112mm finish T&G match boarding for extra strength and durability

  •  Superior weather protection system offered in multiple colours

  •  Personalisation service with custom CNC lettering and numbers (optional extra)

  •  Custom sizes available by request


    Wood Protection Options

    All timber left outside needs protecting against mould, algae, moisture and UV rays. Winder Joinery offer “Full Protection”,“Limited Protection” & “No Protection” options for every gate we build.

    By selecting any of our “Full Protection” options you can rest assured your gate will stand the test of time and look stunning while doing it!

    1. Full Protection - Colour: NATURAL
    2. Full Protection - Colour: LIGHT OAK
    3. Full Protection - Colour: WALNUT
    4. Limited Protection - Colour: NATURAL
    5. No Protection - Colour Natural

    How does it work?

    Our full protection system consists of the gate being treated with Sikkens Cetol HLS and Sikkens Filter 7.

    If options 1-3 “Full Protection” are chosen, your gate will be shipped with a protective layer of Cetol applied. We will include additional tins of colour tinted Sikkens top coats which are applied to the gate by the customer. This is to avoid scratches or scuffs which may occur in transit.

    If option 4 “Limited protection” is chosen, the gate will be shipped with a protective layer of Cetol applied but no top coats will be provided. The colour of the gate will appear Natural. This may be desirable for customers who intend to paint their gate a solid colour, however we must stress the importance of only using oil based primers and paints for this task.

    If option 5 “No Protection” is chosen, the gate will receive no protective treatment and therefore we cannot offer any form of guarantee or warranty against wood rot, mould, swelling, warping (please see terms and conditions). The colour of the gate will appear Natural.

    For more information please email winderjoinery@gmail.com or call 01226 872262


    Need A Custom Size?

    If you require a custom size gate we can provide this. Please make contact with us directly to confirm measurements. We would greatly appreciate you making sure we have acknowledged your message or call if you require custom work. A standard charge of £20 is added to the cost of the gate for custom sizes. This can be paid over the phone or by bank transfer. We welcome you to reach out and speak with our friendly staff who are eager to build your perfect gate.

    Contact: winderjoinery@gmail.com & 01226 872262.


    Hinges and Latches:

    We offer latches and our own special hinge kit for these gates. The top hinge is made shorter so it does not overlap the edge of the top rail.




    CNC Personalisation:

    We offer beautiful CNC V-Carve number and letter engraving on our gates. Make your gate really stand out by having your gate personalised with your house number and/or name. As standard, the engraving will appear on the middle rail of this gate but other options are available by request.



    Gate Posts:

    Please note that our posts are built to attach to existing masonry. They do not go into the ground.



    Fence Panels:

    Need your fence to match your gate? We build fence panels / wall toppers in the same style as oyr gates!



    Polite notice:

    Please wait until you have the gate in your possession before arranging fitters. On rare occasion order dates may be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. We often ship hardware and tins of Sikkens ahead of the gate so please do not worry if you receive these extras before the gate arrives.